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2022 NCBW-HMC Doula Scholarship Application

The purpose of the scholarship is to help improve the lives of Black women in our community and support "Black Women and Maternal Health". The scholarship will be used to train a candidate interested in becoming a birth doula.


Application Deadline Coming Soon!

Criteria for Scholarship 

1. Dedicated to advocating for Black mothers-to-be. 

2. Must be a resident of the Houston Texas Metropolitan Area and agree to maintain residence for at least 1 year after completion of training. The Houston Metropolitan Area is defined as the following counties: Harris, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Montgomery, and Galveston. 

3. GED/High School Diploma - some college preferred. 

4. Training must be completed within 90 days of awarded scholarship, or scholarship maybe forfeited. 

5. Submit completed application which includes 150-350 word essay describing interest in becoming a birthing doula. 

Please include in your essay answers to the following: 

• Introduce yourself to NCBW. Tell us about yourself and what draws 

you to birth work? 

• What excites you most about the role of a Birthing Doula? 

• How do you see yourself creating change through birth work? 

• What is your long-term commitment in being a Birth Doula?

Thank you for your application!
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